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*A parapet wall is defined as a vertical wall that runs along and above the edge of a roof.
  Material Estimates
 Item Dimensions Coverage  Quantity Needed
 Rubber Roofing
 EPDM Membrane
45-mil and 60-mill thickness
10' x 50'
10' x 100'

 500 sq. ft.
1000 sq. ft.
   sq. ft.
 Rubber Roofing Adhesive 5 gallon pail 300 finished sq. ft. per pail    pails
 Multipurpose Primer 1 gallon 3" x 300 linear ft.    gallons
 Peel & Stick Seam Tape 3" x 100' roll 100 linear ft.     rolls
 Peel & Stick Cover Strip 6" x 100' roll 100 linear ft.     rolls
 Peel & Stick Inside/Outside
7" x 9" 1 per inside or outside corner    corners
 Peel & Stick Pipe Seal 6" x 6" 1 per pipe    pipe seals
 Peel & Stick T-Joint Covers 6" x 6" As required    patches
 Lap Sealant 11 oz. tube 22 linear ft.    tubes

WeatherBond RBR Materials estimator is designed to facilitate the development of a materials list. Due to the unique nature of each individual project we make no representations that the list provided will be absolute.

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