WeatherBond PRO TPO Accessories

WeatherBond PRO TPO Flashing is a non-reinforced thermoplastic polyolefin based membrane used for field fabricated pipe flashings, sealant pockets and scuppers when the use of a pre-molded accessory is not feasible. TPO Flashing is available in 12" and 24" widths. A 6" wide reinforced version is also available.
TPO Molded Pipe Seals are injection molded, pre-formed, universal pipe seals that fit over any cylindrical pipe from 1"-6" in diameter.
Split Pipe Seals are fabricated flashings made of 45-mil reinforced WeatherBond PRO membrane. Split (cut) and overlap tabs allow the pipe seals to be opened and wrapped around a round pipe with an obstruction. 1" to 6" sizes are available.
Pressure-Sensitive RUSS is a reinforced TPO membrane strip with a quick applied tape laminated along one edge. Placed below the deck membrane, PS RUSS provides membrane securement at angle changes without penetrating the sheet.
Pressure-Sensitive Coverstrip is reinforced TPO membrane laminated to a fully cured synthetic rubber quick applied adhesive. Available in white, PS Cover Strip provides maximum protection against inclement weather and is ideal for covering seams and stripping in metal edge flashings.
Termination Bar is used to terminate membrane on a vertical surface including on a parapet wall or over the roof edge. Termination Bar is available in 10' lengths.
Molded Sealant Pockets consist of an interlocking, two-piece, injection molded flexible pocket with a rigid polypropylene vertical wall and preformed deck flanges. Used with pourable sealant and primer, this product effectively waterproofs pipe clusters or other odd shaped penetrations on WeatherBond Pro roofing systems.
Square Tubing Wraps are made of 45-mil reinforced WeatherBond Pro membrane. A split (cut) and overlap tabs allow the seals to be opened and wrapped around square tubing. 3" to 6" sizes are available
Curb Wrap Corners are made of 45-mil reinforced WeatherBond Pro membrane. With six sizes available to fit curbs up to 6' by 6', this innovative product reduces installation time compared to conventional flashing methods.
Inside and Outside Corners are pre-formed pieces of TPO used to finish corner details.  Installation is fast and easy with no stretching or cutting required. 
T-Joint Covers are injection molded flashings used to seal "T-joint" intersections on 60--mil and thicker TPO membranes.
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