WeatherBond PRO Weld-Free TPO Accessories

WeatherBond White Peel & Stick Seam Tape is a two-sided, cured EPDM/Butyl based polymer adhesive that offers uniform width and adhesive thickness and is manufactured using a clear poly film for application ease. WeatherBond Peel & Stick Seam Tape delivers 30% greater peel strength and 32% greater shear strength when compared to other tapes available in today's marketplace. 
WeatherBond White Peel & Stick Cover Strip combines 60-mil thick, cured EPDM membrane with a nominal 35-mil thick fully cured peel & stick tape.  Peel & Stick Cured Cover Strip is used in applications that require a cured-membrane-to-cured-membrane splice such as metal edging. Peel & Stick Cover Strip Available in 6"-, 9"- wide x 100' long and 12"-wide x 50'-long rolls
WeatherBond White Peel & Stick Reinforced Perimeter Strip is a nominal 45-mil thick reinforced reinforced EPDM membrane strip with 35-mils of cured EPDM peel & stick adhesive tape laminated along one or both edges. The reinforced EPDM membrane is 6" wide, and the adhesive strips are 3"-wide. Six-inch wide WeatherBond RBR P&S Reinforced Perimeter Strip can be attached either horizontally or vertically in conjunction with Seam Fastening Plates below the EPDM field membrane for angle change securement.
WeatherBond RBR Peel & Stick Uncured Flashing is an uncured, white EPDM membrane laminated to a fully cured synthetic rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in 6" x 100' and 12" x 50' rolls and is a nominal 95-mils thick. Peel & Stick Uncured Flashing is ideal for field-wrapping large (greater than 6") pipes or penetrations. This flashing provides cost-and labor-savings in field applications.
T-Joint Covers consist of 60-mil uncured EPDM flashing laminated to a 30-mil thick peel & stick adhesive providing 90-mils total thickness.  Peel & stick t-joint covers are used at field splice intersections on 60--mil and thicker EPDM membranes.
WeatherBond Peel & Stick Pourable Sealer Pockets consist of EPDM Flashing with an adhesive backing and a 2" support strip pre-applied to the flashing. Sizes can be combined to form larger pockets when required. Pressure-Sensitive Pockets are easy to install and pre-applied adhesive ensures uniform contact with the substrate.
WeatherBond RBR White Peel & Stick Pipe Seals are cured, pre-molded EPDM Flashing for pipes up to 6" in diameter and as narrow as 1" in diameter. WeatherBond RBR Peel & Stick Pipe Seals have pre-applied pressure sensitive adhesive tape on the bottom of the deck flange, which affords easy installation and strong membrane bonding. 
WeatherBond Termination Bar is used to terminate membrane on a vertical surface including on a parapet wall or over the roof edge. Termination Bar is available in 10' lengths.
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