WeatherBond Recognized Contractor Application

Download this form to become a recognized contractor. When complete, send to the WeatherBond office to receive your welcome packet!

Product Literature

Recognized Contractor Sell Sheet

In an effort to reward those contractors who reflect our values, WeatherBond has created it’s Recognized
Contractor Program. WeatherBond’s Recognized Contractor Program provides contractors with exclusive
access to WeatherBond’s 10-,15-and 20-year extended warranties, which covers both material as well as
labor to replace that material.


PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip Installation Video

WeatherBond’s PVC Pressure-Sensitive (PS) Cover Strip is a groundbreaking new product designed to help contractors save time, labor, and money.

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How To Adhere Membrane Using CAV-GRIP III Adhesive/Primer

This spray gun-applied adhesive requires no stirring or waiting for flash-off, can be used in cold temperatures, is quick to apply, and has a 5-minute set-up time. Approved for use with both EPDM and TPO membranes.

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Metal Retrofit System Assembly

This system provides a long-term, cost-effective solution for replacing worn-out metal roofs without the need to tear off the existing roof.

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