Form Spec – TPO Fleece Mech Attached

Form Spec Adhered TPO Fleece

Fleece Specifications

WeatherBond Fleece Loading Strap Technical Data Bulletin (TDB)

WBF 25.1 Fleece: Simulation of Metal Roof in Thermoplastic Membranes

WBF 18.2 Fleece: Through-Wall Scupper with Thermoplastic Coated Metal

WBF 16.2 Fleece: Thermoplastic Molded Sealant Pocket

WBF 15.4 Fleece: Thermoplastic Pre-Molded Outside Corner

WBF 15.3 Thermoplastic Pre-Molded Inside Corner

WBF-12.3 Fleece: Parapet/Curb with Water Based Adhesive