How to Apply EPDM Pourable Sealer Pocket

Installation Techniques

  1. Clean deck membrane and penetration with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  2. Prime deck membrane and penetration and wait for flash-off.
  3. Cut a small corner section of clear poly and replace.
  4. Remove release liner from non-adhesive side of pocket.
  5. Remove clear poly from blue plastic strip and place on non-adhesive side of pocket.
  6. Fold pocket in half with blue plastic strip on the outside.
  7. Hold pocket with blue strip facing toward the penetration and form a circle, snapping the tab so it is inside the pocket.
  8. Position pocket on deck, ensuring a 1″ (2.54 cm) minimum distance from penetration(s).
  9. Remove clear poly from flange.
  10. Begin pressing flange down to primed surface.
  11. When flange is about halfway completed, prime overlap area of pocket and wait for flash-off.
  12. Complete overlap.
  13. Complete remainder of flange.
  14. Roll flange with hand roller.
  15. Form flashing above blue strip into the pocket.
  16. Roll inside top edge of pocket with hand roller.
  17. Prime penetration and flashing inside of pocket and wait for flash-off. Do not apply primer to blue strip.
  18. Pour One-Part Pourable Sealer inside pocket (min. 2” [5 cm] deep) and crown the surface to prevent ponded water.
  19. Apply 5/8” (1.58 cm) bead of Lap Sealant to edges at 22’ (6.7 m) per tube and feather using tool provided with sealant.

In cold temperatures, use of a heat gun is required when working with all uncured EPDM flashings.