How to Apply EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Curb Wrap

Installation Techniques

  1. Measure curb perimeter and add 3″ (7.62 cm) for the overlap.
  2. Measure curb height.
  3. After cutting, place the Peel &Stick Curb Flashing on a flat surface with the tape side up and the clear poly intact.
  4. Mark area of flashing to receive Bonding Adhesive using curb height and perimeter measurements and allowing for overlap.
  5. Lay out slip sheets on each side of curb.
  6. Apply Bonding Adhesive to flashing and curb and allow to dry.
  7. Wrap curb with the tape area folded upwards and clear poly still in place.
  8. Clean deck membrane with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  9. Work flashing down curb until the vertical sections of the curb are covered.
  10. Apply primer to the splice area on the deck membrane.
  11. Cut flashing at each corner of the curb and allow flanges to fall into place. Round all cut corners.
  12. Cut excess material at a 45-degree angle down vertical overlap.
  13. Press flashing into angle change as tightly as possible and remove clear poly while pressing the tape onto deck membrane toward the splice edge.
  14. Roll splice with hand roller.
  15. Complete flanges on remaining curb sections.
  16. Apply primer to vertical overlap area.
  17. Measure curb height and cut a piece of 3” (7.62 cm) Peel & Stick Seam Tape to match the height of the curb.
  18. For ease of cutting, apply excess clear poly to tape.
  19. Apply tape to vertical corner of curb.
  20. Mark flashing to ensure 1/8″ -1/2″ (3.175mm -12.7 mm) tape exposure and cut off excess.
  21. Remove clear poly and fold flashing onto tape.
  22. Roll overlap area with hand roller.
  23. Flash the corners of the curb per WBRC-15 details.

In cold temperatures, use of a heat gun is required when working with all uncured EPDM flashings.