How to Apply TPO Pre-Molded Inside Corner

TPO Pre-Molded Inside Corners are used for flashing inside corners on a variety of details. Installation is fast and easy with no cutting or stretching required. This product forms easily into “out-of-square” corners that are not exactly 90°.

  1. Clean deck membrane and TPO Inside Corner with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  2. Position the corner.
  3. Beginning at the innermost corner point, weld each side of the corner, working from the inside toward the outside. When welding TPO flashing accessories, initial temperature setting for heat welder should be 6 (on a scale of 1-10).
  4. Use hand roller to crease the corner into any membrane step-offs.
  5. Check all welds with a seam probe once completely cooled (30 minutes).

Consult Spec Supplement T-01-11 for more information on temperature settings and equipment setup.