How To Apply TPO Universal Corners – Outside Corner

TPO Pre-Molded Universal Corners are used to flash inside and outside corners on a variety of details and are ideal for new construction projects, where right angles are common. Each Universal Corner can be cut into one inside corner or one outside corner.

  1. Cut off top of TPO Universal Corner along dotted line.
  2. Round corners.
  3. Clean deck membrane and corner with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  4. Position the corner.
  5. Tack weld in place. When welding TPO flashing accessories, initial temperature setting for heat welder should be 6 (on a scale of 1-10).
  6. Starting with the vertical section, begin welding at the innermost center point and work upward.
  7. Weld each side of the corner, working from the inside toward the outside.
  8. Weld the bottom flange, working from the inside toward the outer edges.
  9. Check all welds with a seam probe once completely cooled (30 minutes).

Consult Spec Supplement T-01-11 for more information on temperature settings and equipment setup.

TPO Universal Outside Corner