How to Apply EPDM Pre-Molded Pipe Seal (Black)

Installation Techniques

  1. Clean deck membrane with Weathered Membrane Cleaner.
  2. Prime deck membrane and wait for flash-off.
  3. Size Peel & Stick Pipe Seal to pipe.
  4. Cut above rib closest to pipe.
  5. Pull pipe seal over pipe until base flange is in contact with membrane.
  6. Pull pipe seal upwards on pipe.
  7. ½” (1.27 cm) bead of Water Cut-Off Mastic at 10’ (3 m) per tube below the mark that indicates top of pipe seal.
  8. Pull pipe seal back down over pipe and into position.
  9. Remove clear poly and press flange to the primed area.
  10. Roll flange with hand roller.
  11. Install clamping ring and trim excess.

In cold temperatures, use of a heat gun is required when working with all uncured EPDM flashings.